Who are UKARA?

The United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association was set up to lobby the interests of the airsoft retail industry when the Violent Crime Reduction Bill (2006) was being introduced.  Its important to players because they were able to successfully lobby for the system that is place now for purchasing airsoft replicas – that while not perfect is much better to us all than the prospect of not being able to purchase replica weapons at all.

You can visit their website: www.ukara.org.uk 

How does it affect me?

The Depot is a UKARA registered game site.  This means that, subject to the correct requirements being met, we can issue you with a UKARA number absolutely free of charge.  This isn’t a license or a certificate – its simply a very straight forward method to be able to purchase airsoft replicas from UKARA Retailers – which encompasses all the major UK retailers.

To find out more about how to obtain a UKARA number please see our Site Membership page.