Airsoft Alternative

The Depot isn’t just the biggest CQB site you can get your hands on in Scotland. Its also home to an airsoft alternative – called iCombat.

iCombat is the most advanced tactical laser tag system in the world – so forget memories of zap arenas from the 90s onwards. This really is the future!

iCombat Glasgow boasts:

  • State of the art iCombat M4 rifles and sensor technology
  • Realistic Combat Vests
  • Custom built specialist arena
  • Injury free gaming – no fear of welts as you can suffer in airsoft!
  • Lower price to try out

iCombat is great for anyone that has played, or has an interest in literally any of the following:

  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Laser Tag
  • First Person Shooter Video Games
  • Nerf Wars

We recommend you try it out as its amazing fun!  A great introduction to combat games and our location before trying airsoft as the game is easier to pick up and is played in a smaller overall arena – its the perfect practise area!

Thinking about team building, birthday party, or stag or hen?  Its a much more cost effective and safer option than airsoft so again its worth checking out!

Full details can be found on the dedicated iCombat Glasgow website.

We hope to have you in our sights soon!