New To Airsoft

New to airsoft?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

We run fortnightly Sunday games at our dedicated airsoft site so if you want to try out the sport and see if its for you we can certainly help!

What do I need to do?

First up, educate yourself on what airsoft is and how it works – this may sound silly but an hour or two on You Tube will make your first visit more enjoyable as you’ll understand the basic concepts.  You can read our introduction to the sport and our guide to common airsoft jargon too.

Next you need to see if you are old enough to play at our site – check our Age Restrictions.

Still good?  Next step is to reserve a space – as everyone has to pre-book at The Depot as events regularly sell out.  Most people rent equipment from us for their first few games whilst they try the sport and earn their site membership.


I have my own kit!

Check our site rules before you book to ensure its permitted on site!  If it is then select a “Own Kit” space when reserving your spot!  Look out for night games too which usually occur once a month on a Friday.