Site Information

The Depot is set in the former Morris Furniture facility in the south of Glasgow,  We’re less than 5 minutes from Hampden Stadium!

For sat nav or finding a nearby hotel our address is: 147 Drakemire Drive, Glasgow, G45 9SA.

If you pass the fire station on your left, slow down and look for an open blue gate on the left that opens straight into a car park – you’ve found us!  The front door is on the corner of the building straight ahead of you.

If you are coming from the opposite direction, look for Drakemire Tyres on the left – we are directly opposite on the right.

Starting outside there is a massive car park right outside the main entrance (of course vehicles are left at owners own risk.)

Once you step inside you will be greeted by our fully equipped safezone with:

  • plenty of seating and tables for kit preparation
  • free lockers for your valuables
  • Mens Toilets (beside Stairwell Golf)
  • Ladies Toilets (beside Stairwell Bravo)
  • free tea & coffee
  • free hot and cold water (just bring your own container/cup!)
  • chronograph facilities (9-9.30 and upon request outwith of then)
  • on site shop
  • emergency charging facilities

Once you gear up and step out you will be faced with over 150,000 square feet of CQB Mayhem featuring:

  • Two Floors
  • Seven Stairwells
  • Downstairs – dark, tight, hard to move
  • Upstairs – bright, more open, space to manoeuvre
  • Barricades and Fences
  • Shacks and Compounds
  • Multiple Offices and Corridors
  • Cars
  • Canteen
  • Showrooms
  • Police Station & Cell
  • Single and Double Floor Buildings!

Plenty to keep you covered as you push forward or you dig in!  You won’t find quite so much under one roof anywhere else in Scotland.  It leaves just one question – why haven’t you been yet?

We can accommodate players with their own kit, and those that don’t (with our hire kit option.)  Pre-booking with a down payment is required for all players for all games – see our booking section to see upcoming events and full details of payment options.  We look forward to welcoming you on site soon!