Age Restrictions

Our age restrictions are as follows:

Parental Permission (for players aged between 13 and 17) MUST be provided on our Standard Waiver Form available for download here:


Supervision in game means being accompanied in game by another player aged 18 or older.  This must be prearranged with the person in question who is trusted to, and agrees to look after the younger player.  A parent or guardian sitting in the safe zone area all day is not sufficient.

Full Face Protection is either a single, or two piece protective device to ensure the eyes and face are protected from BB hits.  For players aged 13-15 these should be made of mesh, plastic or other hard material.  Players aged 16 and 17 are permitted to use a shemagh/scarf for lower face protection but we recommend the same precautions as the younger age category.

Supervision can only be provided by players aged 18 or over.  They are deemed responsible for looking after the younger player for the duration of the day, and will be put in the same team to help facilitate this.  If this person is not the parent or guardian of the under 18 in question then permission and agreement should be arranged by the individuals concerned prior to the game day.

Any age restriction queries should be made via the Contact Us option PRIOR to booking to avoid potential disappointment.

As further reading, see the full site rules and restricted items list.