Site Membership

Site Membership

Also known as “UKARA” is offered completely free of charge once you qualify against the following criteria:

What do I get with Site Membership?

Play at least three games with us over a period of time MORE than two months apart.  So if you attend three fortnightly games in a row you will have played three but not in a time period of MORE than two months so we would not be able to issue a UKARA until you played an additional game that was more than two months after the first.  Its hard to explain – ask on site for clarification!

Then what do I do?

If you provide the relevant paperwork (on your third, qualifying game) and bring two bits of identification (as detailed on the form) we will add you to the UKARA database as a certified player for one year.


What does this mean?

When you go to a airsoft retailer that uses the UKARA system (all the major UK retailers do) having membership will allow them to sell to you without restriction – and save you going home with something bright snot green – or nothing at all!

How much does it cost?

We process it free of charge – be aware we need to send the paperwork to a retailer to be processed so it can take a while – if its for an urgent purchase let us know and depending on the retailer there is an alternative way of doing it which we will discuss with you.

What happens after my year is up?

We will renew you for another year if you have played with us in the last three months. 

What if I haven’t?

You simply need to qualify again with the normal rules and provide the paperwork and we will issue you a new number.

Can I play some of my three games elsewhere?

No, as you are asking one site to “vouch” that you are a regular player then all three games must be played with us for us to issue you with a UKARA.  This isn’t our rules this is set by UKARA but its a fundamental part of the defense they negotiated so we will adhere to it firmly.

Please note:

  • Do not complete the Player Site Membership Number or Site Name fields on the form – we will complete these.
  • If you do not bring adequate ID or the form then you we will not be able to help you.
  • Memberships are valid for 1 year – we will automatically renew if you have played with us within the last 3 months of your renewal due date.
  • UKARAs are issued and terminated at our discretion. Site membership is a privilege and not a right.