The home of CQ-PEW!

Engage your foes in close quarters indoor airsoft just 30 minutes from Glasgow!

All our events require pre-booking

The low down

The last few years haven’t been kind on anyone, and just as we were licking our wounds like everyone we unexpectedly lost our original site.  We know we had a winning formula and that there is an audience for large scale CQB Airsoft in Scotland, so we immediately set about the task of finding a new home.  We’ve done it reopening just 30 minutes down the road in Port Glasgow!


Refined over the years, we’re carrying over the exact same rules and FPS limits to our new site – no surprises


Its a big site and it will take time to build it fully out and refine it through watching the gameplay.  Rest assured we watch, we learn, we change and we build.


We know what works.  The site has to flow, and the games have to be challenging – rest assured, we’re on it


We welcome players old and new – experienced and otherwise – we strive to build a good, solid community that helps each other out and plays fair at all times.