We’ve used our COVID downtime to redesign the booking process – please read this carefully before proceeding to save frustration!

What is new?

  • When you book you need to give us more information than before – we ask for the name, address, date of birth and phone number for each attendee – (we need name and date of birth, we also collect address and phone number for Track & Trace) – you must provide accurate information or your booking will be cancelled
  • You’ll be emailed a ticket with a QR code – we need you show us this when you arrive (on your phone or printed out) – to speed up the process
  • If you book for multiple people you need to pass on their QR codes onto them before they arrive
  • Your deposit is split to include a booking fee (charged by the new system) but this is included in the overall price

What is still the same?

  • We take a non refundable deposit for each space reserved online
  • Our Booking Terms & Conditions, Site Rules, Age Restrictions and Restricted Itemsby booking you are agreeing to these
  • Payments are handled by PayPal
  • If you don’t have an account with PayPal you can pay with your debit or credit card without registering if you wish
  • Each player has a balance of £10 to pay in cash at sign in on gameday
  • We’ll need you to complete an insurance disclaimer once a year, you can help us by pre-printing and bringing this with you – otherwise you can complete at sign in.

Upcoming Gamedays: